What happens when I receive a fine during the rental period?

When you receive a fine on the moment that you have rented out your car, you are fully financially covered.

You have to follow this work method :

  1. Go to our (web)application
  2. Go to “your profile”
  3. Go to “reclaim cost”
  4. Go to “add new cost”
  5. Upload a picture of your fine and add the date and the hour

The system will automatically check if the car was rented out and who rented it. When this happened during the rental period, the fine will be automatically forwarded to the renter. The renter can accept or he/she can dispute the fine. When the renter accepts the fine, the amount of money will automatically be transferred to your account.

When the renter disputes the fine, Tapazz will automatically get informed. The renter is then automatically on a temporary block, as long as the fine is pending. During this period he/she can’t send any booking requests as long as the fine isn’t paid.

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