How much do I pay for my usage of Tapazz?

As a renter you can join Tapazz completely free. There are no entree or monthly fees involved. You only pay for what you use with your prepaid drive-credit.

You can even earn something by introducing Tapazz to your friends, acquaintances and family members. For every active member that you bring in, you will receive a nice surprise.

*Because we also foresee the possibility to put the price of the cars on zero, we still need to cover our administrative and working costs, we’ll charge a minimum bookings fee of 3 euro per booking. These costs are for the renter.

**To bring a member to Tapazz you need to make sure that he registers with the unique link that you can send him (look at ‘invite a friend’ on your account). A member will become an active member for us when he/she rented minimum 3 times.

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