How does Tapazz work?

1) Create your Tapazz account. Create your profile by filling in all the required information about yourself.

2) You will receive an e-mail at your given e-mail address. Click on the link to verify. Go back to your profile page and complete all steps.

3) Upload your drive-credit. Select one of the desired prepaid amounts with your choice of payment tool (visa, mastercard, paypall …) to buy your drive-credit.

4) Go to the search tool and find your ideal car. You can filter your searches with different requirements. Choose the car that you would like to book. Fill in the time and the amount of kms and send the application. (Attention: you can’t book a car without a completed profile)

6) Once the car-owner has accepted your booking you can always send him/her a tekst for the exchange of the keys.

7) First of all, fill in the start mileage in your smartphone before you leave. Fill in the end mileage via the mobile Tapazz site and tap the location where you’ve dropped the car. (Have you run out of data credit, write it down to enter the mileage via your pc as soon as you get home.

9) Leave a review at the site about the car and the owner. By doing that you can tell others what they can expect. Also write constructive feedback so that we can optimize our services.


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