How much can I save by renting out my car?

A car costs a lot of money. If you add up the cost of purchase, insurance and taxes it quickly becomes a substantial amount per month. By renting your car out the moments that you don’t use it yourself, you are able to save quite some money.

Here is an example to illustrate the potential revenue for your car for one day: Imagine living in Antwerp and your car prices are set at 2 euro per hour and 30 cents per kilometre. Someone rents your car for a day to go to Brussels. The total distance travelled is 100km. This is the formula that you have to make.

10 hours x 2 euro/hour = 20 euro. 100km x 0,30 euro/km = 30 euro.

20 euro + 30 euro = 50 euro/day.

In this case 70 % goes directly to you (= 35euro) and 30 % is for the Belgian Carsharing Cooperative (= 15euro). This percentage is used to cover transaction costs, its functioning and supplementary insurances. Of course you also have your own expenses. Compare your car with other similar cars in the system and use our calculation sheet for a more detailed overview of your income and expenses.

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