The Coöperative

The Coöperative

Tapazz is an official cooperative company (CVBA in Belgium). This means that a bunch of small shareholders who believe in the (social) mission of Tapazz, actively contribute to the growth of the company. They invest, discuss and create together in a transparent structure in order to build a sustainable mobility.



Through the cooperative structure, Tapazz brings small shareholders together who believe in the same (social) mission : building a sustainable mobility and environment. It is time we join forces to reduce the traffic jams and the big amount of cars in our small country. We strive for less cars, more space and a cleaner environment.

The financial participation of the shareholders allows Tapazz to grow and realise the mission. As the shareholders can co-create and work together on the mission, the company becomes their own company.

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How does it work?

If you want to build a sustainable mobility and environment together with us, you can become a shareholder of Tapazz with a minimum contribution of 100€. You can easily buy shares through online registration and payment. The cooperative structure makes it possible to participate without complicated procedures (with notary).

After your purchase registration, you are an official shareholder of Tapazz CVBA. You will receive updates and information about the growth of the company and get the opportunity to share and discuss your ideas about the mission with other shareholders. On a regular basis, Tapazz organises events to bring the community together.


Rental income payout

If you rent your car out at Tapazz, you are by definition a shareholder. Only as a shareholder you can spent your rental fee outside of our system.

Do you want a try-out on our platform as a non-shareholder? That is possible. We offer new members the possibility to use the platform and evaluate the outcome. If you are happy with the result, you can become a shareholder and collect your rental fee.

As a car renter, you don’t need to be a shareholder in order to use the platform. Of course, we would appreciate your support as a shareholder and contributor to our mission a lot.


How to become a shareholder and participate

  • One share costs 100 euro.
  • You can buy a share by transfering 100 euro or a multitude of this amount to IBAN: BE22363118534747 in the name of “Tapazz CVBA” mentioning “share” and your email adres.
  • If you want to buy shares for somebody else or for an organisation do mention the name of the beneficiary in a seperate line on your transfer.
  • The purchase starts the day we receive the amount on our account.
  • There are now entrance or exit fees.
  • You will receive a shareholdersproof and a copy of the statutes by email. (on the registered email adress in your tapazz profile or the email mentioned on transfer)
  • One share equals one vote on the general shareholders meeting. The more shares, the more votes. Taking into account the 10% rule of the NRC (national council of the cooperatives) to protect the democracy by setting a cap to the number of votes one individual shareholder can represent.
  • All shareholders will receive an invite for the general assembly meeting once a year via email.
  • Exiting the cooperative is possible after a period of 5 years. By buying a share you agree to not exit in the first 5 years. This to safeguard the continuity of the cooperative.
  • Any dividends that are paid out will by recognition of the NRC (national council of the cooperatives) be capped to 6% (of which 180 euros per person will be tax exempted)
  • The Belgian Carsharing cooperative does not guarantee any returns. Take this into account when you invest in shares.
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