Why should I use Tapazz?

You don't want to carry the costs of an own car, but do want experience the flexibility of having a car?

Tapazz is a fast and cheap way to find a car. close to you, wherever and whenever you needone.  Via Tapazz you can book a car on every moment of the day for as long as you desire, a few hours or a few days. Even which type of car is your choice.

By using Tapazz you also help society. Did you know that one shared car can replace twelve other cars!

Why would you rent from the big companies if you can rent from your neighbour? Besides that, you’re also taking care that cars aren’t blocking unnecessary parking places and that there will be more space in overcrowded cities. By joining Tapazz you’re helping reduce the impacts of climate change and you’re thus saving the environment.

And the best of all: Joining Tapazz is completely free! You only pay what you use! Personal mobility as it should be. Enjoy Tapazz, and let’s create a happy community, a happy wallet and a happy environment together!

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