How is everything arranged with the insurances?

We've reached an agreement with P&V which allows you to rent your car with Tapazz.

When the unlikely event of an accident happens, the person that’s made the mistake is responsible for the franchise costs (also called own risk). The average is between 250 and 500 euro. By using our system the renter agrees that the costs are completely for his own bill. Just like every additional costs as a consequence of that.

If you're not insured with P&V we strongly suggested to contact your own Insurance and make clear that you're renting your car with our system. The risk you have if you stick to your own insurance is a rise of your bonus malus degree.

In cooperation with P&V we made our own tapass-polis:
- you're insured for every Tapazz user
- your bonus malus degree won't rise in a case of accident
- simple tarifs based on Kw

For further information you can always contact our partners at P&V:

Marc Verbraecken
Tel: +32 3 345 67 61.


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