Why should I rent out my car with Tapazz?

Imagine having a holiday house. Would you only use it for 2 weeks and leave it empty for the rest of the year? Or would you consider renting it out?

On average a car is used less than 2 in 24 hours a day. By renting your car out when you don’t use it yourself, you’ll save a lot of costs. You will not only earn money with your car, but you will also take care of the environment.

By becoming a member of Tapazz you help save the environment. One shared car can replace up to 12 other cars.

This means more parking space, less congestion and cleaner air. You also ensure that there are fewer new cars being produced. Which means less material waste and unnecessary emissions for the production of these cars.

And best of all: joining Tapazz is completely free! You only pay for what you use. Personal mobility as it should be.

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